Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake (2024)

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Oh do you remember the Old School Jam & Coconut Tray Bake which was served with lashings of custard (possibly pink!) Well here are all the flavours of that bound together in a lovely Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake.

You know how much I love a loaf cake ! I have more than 20 on here, so why not add another classic flavour combo! So I did.

Jam & coconut ….

Ingredients for a Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake

It really is quite a simple cake to make and I’m please to report not a long list of ingredients like some cakes 🙂

Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake (2)

  • Butter

I use unsalted butter, salted would also be ok. As would baking margarine. I just love using butter in my bakes

  • Caster Sugar

Perfect for this cake and many more, finer than granulated

  • Eggs

3 medium Eggs for this recipe (I also use free-range – my preference)

  • Self Raising Flour & Baking Powder

Helps to lift your loaf cake to the perfect shape together with the additional baking Powder added. This cake has the perfect crumb structure, so soft

  • Dedicated Coconut

Desiccated coconut is made from the dried pulp of fresh coconuts. It’s really a home baking staple, readily available at the supermarket and great for many recipes (curries included)

  • Raspberry Jam

Any will do, I tend to use seedless these days. Grab a good quality jar – you can really taste the difference. Homemade is even better trust me

Recipe steps for this Jam & Coconut Loaf

(For full recipe instructions see recipe card at bottom)

Step 1 – Creaming your butter & caster sugar

Cream your butter and caster sugar in a mixing bowl, you can do this by hand or using a stand mixer

Next add your eggs, self-self-rasing flour, baking powder & dedicated coconut and mix well!

Add 2 Tablespoon milk to slacked the mix

Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake (3)

Step 2 – Loaf tin

Fill your lined 2llb loaf tin with greased parchment or use a loaf liner (I Love)

Smooth the top with a spoon and bake in the centre of your preheated oven for 55 minutes (see recipe card at bottom)

Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake (4)

Step 3 – Remove from the oven when baked

You can test by touching the cake – should feel firm and will bounce back. (Or you can insert a thin skewer and it it comes out clean it’s baked)

Your baked loaf should be beautiful and golden and your kitchen will small amazing!

Leave to cool completely in the tin

Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake (5)

Step 4 – Decorate your Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake

When your baked loaf is completely cool spread the jam over the surface of the loaf, then sprinkle with dedicated coconut

Cut into slices and enjoy!!

Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake (6)

Top Tips for your Jam & Coconut Loaf

  • Buy lovely Raspberry jam (you could use strawberry too) If you have homemade jam then use that – can’t beat it. You don’t have too but I like seedless jam (doesn’t get in your teeth
  • The inclusion of the desiccated coconut gives you a super soft & tender cake crumb, so it’s a soft cake to slice and eat – don’t worry it’s how it’s supposed to be

How do I store my Loaf

Well it’s a great cake for keeping.

I suggest you wrap it in baking paper and then foil and pop it in a cake tin and it should be good for 4 plus days

And if you want to freeze it you can do that too, however I would freeze without the topping and do that bit when it’s defrosted. I suggest wrapping well and popping in the freezer – use within a month

When you want to use it – defrost at room temperature and then add the topping

How to Serve your Jam & Coconut Cake

Easy, thick slices, with a cuppa!! Simple

(or maybe warm in a bowl with lashings of custard 🙂 )

Just look at it!!

Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake (7)

Loaf Tin

For this recipe you need a 2 llb loaf tin.

You can check the measurement of your tin.

A 2llb loaf tin holds approx 2 pints of water plus

Oh and shall I bang on about loaf liners again? They really are a game changer 🙂

Other Easy Loaf Cakes

I have lots of Loaf Cake – go have a look 🙂

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Oh and So many more, have a look at my 10 Lovely Loaf Cakes


Love Clare x

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Big Love Clare

Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake (8)

Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake

Servings: 10

Calories: 362kcal

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A Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake recipe, wonderful Old School flavours transferred into a delicious & easy Loaf Cake


  • 2llb Loaf Tin


  • 175 g Butter Softened
  • 175 g Caster Sugar
  • 3 Medium Eggs Free-Range
  • 175 g Self-Raising Flour
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Powder level teaspoon
  • 75 g Dessicated Coconut
  • 2 tablespoons Semi-Skimmed Milk
  • Topping
  • 150 g Raspberry Jam I use seedless
  • 20 g Dedicated Coconut


  • Preheat your oven to 180C / 160C Fan / Gas4 / 350F

  • Line and grease a 2llb loaf tin. Or use a loaf liner

  • In a mixing bowl cream your softened butter and caster sugar until light & fluffy. You can use a stand mixer here too

  • Add your eggs, self-raising flour, baking powder and desiccated coconut and beat until combined

  • Next add 2 tablespoons milk to slacked the mix

  • Spoon your batter into your loaf tin and bake for 55 minutes in the centre of your preheated oven. Check after 50 minutes. The cake should be firm to touch and golden brown. You can use a skewer to check if it's baked and it will come out clean if it's ready!

  • Remove from the oven & leave your loaf cake to cool in the tin

  • Once totally cold, remove from the tin. Spoon over your raspberry jam and smooth with a spoon so the entire top is covered

  • Sprinkle the jam with desiccated coconut.

    Serve - it's delicious!!


*** Nutritional information is approximate and intended as a guide


Nutrition Facts

Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake

Amount per Serving



% Daily Value*






Saturated Fat





Polyunsaturated Fat



Monounsaturated Fat






































Vitamin A





Vitamin C















* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Jam & Coconut Loaf Cake (2024)


How many calories are in jam and coconut cake? ›

Table of Nutritional Information
Typical ValuesPer 100g% based on RI for Average Adult
8 more rows

Can you freeze coconut cake? ›

You can store your Coconut Cake for up to 4 months. You can also wrap and freeze unfrosted layers of Coconut Cake using the same method and frost when you need them. To thaw your finished Coconut Cake, remove cake from the freezer and carefully remove the plastic and foil.

How many calories are in homemade coconut cake? ›

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

How to eat coco jam? ›

Any type of bread can be delicious with coconut jam. Whether it's a bread roll or a croissant, you can enjoy coconut jam with your morning bread and coffee. A Donut Filling. Your favorite afternoon snack with a coconut jam filling is the perfect match.

How many calories are in a large slice of coconut cake? ›

Common serving sizes
Serving SizeCalories
1 oz101
1 piece (1/10 1-layer, 8" or 9" dia)235
100 g356
1 piece (1/12 2-layer, 8" or 9" dia)388
1 more row
Aug 21, 2007

How many calories are in 2 bread and jam? ›

Region: US
2 ozbread151
2 tbspjam111

How long is the shelf life of coconut cake? ›

  1. Shelf Life From Manufacture: 365 DAYS.
  2. Storage Method: Keep Frozen.
  3. Shelf Life Refrigerated, Prepared: N/A.
  4. Shelf Life Ambient, Prepared: N/A.
  5. Shelf Life Refrigerated, Thawed: 5 DAYS.
  6. Shelf Life Ambient, Thawed: 5 DAYS.

How long will fresh coconut cake last in the fridge? ›

How to Store Coconut Cake: This Cake should be loosely covered and then stored at room temperature (as long as your house is 70 degrees F or less (21 C), although if you have the cake longer than two days it should be stored in the refrigerator. In the refrigerator the cake will last up to 5 days.

What is the best cake to freeze? ›

Cakes that are packed with flavour including lemon drizzle cake, carrot cake, chocolate cake andfruit cake freeze very well and will retain their flavour for up to three months. If you want to freeze a cheesecake for example, the good news is that it is possible.

What percentage of protein is in coconut cake? ›

Coconut Oil cake is the byproduct of Oil Extraction. It constitutes mainly fibre, 20% Protein and 10% Oil.

How many calories are in a Pepperidge Farm coconut cake? ›

Layer Cakes
Nutrition Facts
8 Servings Per Container
Serving size1/8 Cake (69g)
Amount per serving
16 more rows

How to use cream of coconut in cake? ›

In a clean bowl: mix coconut cream with condensed milk and stir until smooth. When the cake comes out, poke holes in it all over (with a fork or skewers) then pour the milk mixture over the whole cake. Leave to absorb overnight. Beat cream until soft peaks form.

Is coconut jam healthy? ›

Coconut jam is a fantastic, healthier alternative to many popular spreads and butters! With its caramel-esque taste and similar consistency to Dulce de Leche, it makes an excellent caramel substitute. Our all-natural, 100% coconut spread is always gluten free, vegan and has a relatively low GI content.

What does coconut jam taste like? ›

Try kaya coconut jam and you'll find it sweet, floral, rich and aromatic, with a coconut flavour.

Should coco jam be refrigerated? ›

Depending on the ambient temperature, it should last at room temperature for about 3 to 5 days, or up to a week. You can refrigerate it for longer storage but it will harden and become hard to spread. For longer shelf life, use sterilized jars.

How many calories are in a jam and cream cake? ›

Table of Nutritional Information
Typical Values100g containsPer 1/6 cake
8 more rows

How many calories in a piece of coconut cream cake? ›

There are 500 calories in 1 slice of La Madeleine Coconut Cream Cake.

How many calories in a raspberry coconut cake? ›

Nutritional Information
Typical ValuesPer 100g1/6 of a cake (40g)
Energy1635kJ / 390kcal654kJ / 156kcal
6 more rows

How many calories in a chocolate coconut cake? ›

Nutrition Facts

1 piece: 317 calories, 18g fat (10g saturated fat), 37mg cholesterol, 199mg sodium, 39g carbohydrate (29g sugars, 2g fiber), 4g protein.


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