Respondent Access Portal Frequently Asked Questions (2024)

Respondent Access Portal, part of the EOIR Courts & Appeals System (ECAS), is a secure online platform provided by EOIR that allows individuals in immigration proceedings to view case information, download electronic Records of Proceedings (eROPs), and electronically file case-related documents in cases eligible for electronic filing.

You can:

  • Easily access your case information and documents online, including case status and relevant documents, reducing the need for visits to EOIR offices.
  • File case documents electronically (upload), instead of physically filing documents at the immigration court filing window.
  • Receive court filings and documents and correspondence from the immigration court and Board of Immigration Appeals electronically.
  • Store your case information and documents in EOIR’s secure and private electronic systems.

EOIR will notify individuals who are eligible to register for Respondent Access Portal with an official notice sent through the mail.

You can contact Customer Support at or call 1-877-388-3842, Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

Yes, individuals in EOIR immigration proceedings who do not have an attorney or accredited representative can register and use Respondent Access Portal. Following the launch of Respondent Access Portal, EOIR will notify those eligible for an account during phased enrollment.

No, not yet. EOIR will notify you in the future when it is time for you to register for Respondent Access Portal. Until then, your attorney or accredited representative should continue to use ECAS to view your case information and electronically file your case documents on your behalf.

No. Respondent Access Portal is only for respondents. However, attorneys and accredited representatives can access one of the following:

  • ECAS Case Portal for attorneys and fully accredited representatives.
  • ECAS DHS Portal for Department of Homeland Security users.
  • ECAS Payment Portal for those paying filing fees related to appeals.

When you are eligible for a Respondent Access Portal account, EOIR will notify you by mail. Following the phased enrollment, EOIR will include in this document more detailed steps regarding obtaining a DOJ Login.

DOJ Login helps protect the information you provide to EOIR. DOJ Login prevents unauthorized users from accessing your case information in the Respondent Access Portal.

If you encounter a problem with your DOJ Login or need to update login details such as passwords or email addresses, contact Customer Support at or call 1-877-388-3842, Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays, from 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

Yes, this Quick Reference Guide explains the steps to upload court-related documents, download your electronic record of proceedings and view information about your case.

You may only download your electronic Record of Proceeding (eROP), which includes the documents associated with your case, in Respondent Access Portal. If your case records are maintained on paper, you will not be able to obtain a copy in Respondent Access Portal. To download a copy of the eROP in Respondent Access Portal, click the Request Download button and your eROP will be available within 24 hours. The Request Download button is disabled for case records only maintained on paper. For information on viewing or obtaining the paper copy of your case records, please follow the request process on the EOIR website: Executive Office for Immigration Review | Request a Record of Proceeding (ROP) (

There are rules about the type and size of the files you upload in Respondent Access Portal. You may upload PDF (including PDF/A), JPG, and JPEG documents that are 25MB or smaller in size. We recommend scanning or creating PDF documents in black/white (i.e., gray scale) whenever possible to reduce the file size. EOIR scans all files for viruses before the file is accepted.

EOIR accepts four types of signatures for documents filed electronically in Respondent Access Portal: (1) an original, handwritten ink signature; (2) an encrypted digital signature; (3) an electronic signature; or (4) a “conformed” signature (for example: /S/ John Doe).

Please note that you are required to follow any signature instructions provided on Government forms. For example, if a Government form instructs you to sign the form with a handwritten ink signature, you must follow this instruction. A failure to follow the form instructions may result in the court’s inability to accept your filing.

The filing status of your document will be displayed in Respondent Access Portal. EOIR will also send you emails – first to confirm EOIR received your document and second to notify you whether EOIR accepted or rejected your document. If EOIR accepts a document, the document will be added to your case file, known as the electronic Record of Proceeding. If EOIR rejects a document, the email will explain the reason(s) why the document was rejected.

The time it takes to accept an electronic filing is contingent upon court operations. If the court accepts the electronically submitted document, the date it is electronically submitted is the filing date, regardless of when the document is accepted by the court. Upon upload, a watermark containing the filing date and time is applied on the electronically submitted document.

Re-submitted, previously rejected filings arriving after a filing deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis based on the circ*mstances of the filing.Seethe Immigration Court Practice Manual, Chapter 3.1 subsection (d)(2) (“The Immigration Judge retains the authority to determine how to treat an untimely filing.”).

EOIR recommends using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome for the best experience, but Respondent Access Portal works for all major browsers. If you face technical difficulty with your browser, please try Edge or Chrome.

Yes. You can view the asylum clock for your case in the Court Information section in Respondent Access Portal.

No. Digital Audio Recordings (DAR) of hearings are not available in Respondent Access Portal.

To submit classified/secret documents, please follow the procedures in OPPM 24-01 (PDF) Classified Information in Immigration Court Proceedings (accessible).

Please follow the established process for non-electronic filings provided in theImmigration Court Practice Manualand theBoard of Immigration Appeals Practice Manual. The evidence must be submitted directly to the appropriate EOIR immigration court.

This feature is not currently available and EOIR will make an announcement when filing appeals electronically is possible.

No. You must file your Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal (Form I-589) after the Department of Homeland Security files a Notice to Appear (NTA) (Form I-589) with EOIR. After EOIR accepts the NTA, you may electronically file your Form I-589 with EOIR in Respondent Access Portal. Please see Form I-589, Instructions, for more information on how and where to file the application.

Court documents filed with an immigration court must be filed before midnight in the time zone where your immigration hearing is scheduled. Court documents filed with the Board of Immigration Appeals must be filed before midnight in the Eastern Time zone. Time zones across the United States can be found on theNational Institute of Standards and Technologywebsite.

Whether you receive an extension of your filing deadline will depend on the nature of the system outage. There are no changes to a filing deadline for planned system outages announced more than 5 days in advance. For unplanned outages or planned outages with 5 or fewer days’ notice, the filing deadlines are extended to the first business day after the system outage ends. EOIR will publicly announce any outages.

Respondent Access Portal, part of ECAS, is an online platform where you can view your case information and proceeding history, download a complete copy of your case file (known as the electronic Record of Proceeding or eROP), and electronically file case documents for your EOIR immigration proceedings. You must have a valid DOJ Login account to access Respondent Access Portal. Other parts of Respondent Access do not require an account, such as select form filing (for example: EOIR-33) and the Automated Case Information System, and do not require an account but provide limited information about your case status and Record of Proceeding.

No. Please check theEOIR Operational Statuswebpage for updates and changes to court operations nationwide.

Please email your comments and suggestionsto

Respondent Access Portal Frequently Asked Questions (2024)


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