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If you’re an avid Plenty of Fish member, you’ve likely noticed as things move and change on our app and site, and naturally – you’ve got some questions! We always do our best to keep our Help Centre updated with the latest, but we know that sometimes you just want to see everything in one place. We hear you! We’ve collected some of our FAQ’s and have turned to the experts, the team here at Plenty of Fish, to give you the answers you need.

Support-Related Questions

Q: I’m in need of help for an issue! How do I contact your support team?

A: Our Customer Success Team handles support requests through email, and you can reach them at [emailprotected]!

Q: Is there a way to filter by relationship intent so I’m matched with people who I know are looking for what I’m looking for?

A: Our matching feature doesn’t offer any filtering, but you can filter by relationship intent using our Search feature! You can find lots of intent options from casual to serious by hitting “Refine Search” under the “Search” tab.

Q: I don’t have a mobile number but I want to create an account, is this possible?

A: It sure is! We totally get that not everyone has a cell to use for verification, so once you’ve created an account just reach out to our support team at [emailprotected] and they’ll help get you verified.

Q: Can I adjust what types of emails I get from POF? I feel I’m getting too many that I don’t need.

A: Yep! You can edit email notifications under “Settings” then “Email Settings.” You’ll have to hop on a desktop computer to do this though, you won’t find these settings on the app at the moment.

Q: My photos aren’t getting approved, but I see photos on other profiles that aren’t following guidelines, why?

A: At the end of the day, we are looking for every image to follow our image guidelines and show off your beautiful authentic selves! However, we totally get that it can be frustrating to have your own picture removed only to see someone else with a similar one. Our moderation is constantly being refined, so if you do catch a photo that doesn’t follow our guidelines, the best thing you can do is report the profile to us so we can catch the photo as soon as possible.

Q: I’ve emailed support about an issue, why is it taking so long for someone to get back to me?

A: We wish we could always give you help right when you need it, but our support team is made up of real humans that only have so many hands to type with. We aim to get back to you in 24 hours, but if you’re looking for help ASAP, you can also check out our Help Centre that has a ton of tips and answers to FAQs and might help you answer your question faster.

Q: Are all photo filters banned? What if it’s super minimal?

A: They are! We want everyone who uses Plenty of Fish to feel comfortable being their authentic self, and we promise you don’t need any filters, even minimal ones, to look your best.

Security/Safety-Related Questions

Q: When I hide my profile, can I still get messages from members?

A: Yes and no! The main purpose around having the “Hide Profile” option is to give you the ability to take a little break from any new connections or explore a current one. Any members that you’ve chatted with before or interacted with (read: a profile view or like) or vice versa will still be able to see your profile and send you messages, but you’ll be hidden from anyone who you haven’t connected with before, or who hasn’t connected with you.

Q: Will I still appear anywhere if I hide my profile?

A: Once you’ve hidden your profile, you won’t appear anywhere on the app or site including our MeetMe feature, recommendations lists, and search results, but keep in mind the above answer, that your profile can still be viewed by anyone you’ve interacted with before.

Q: When I block someone, will they know I’ve blocked them?

A: Nope! Blocking is totally anonymous, and you’ll simply disappear from that person’s inbox, they’ll disappear from yours, and they won’t be able to message you again! You can find more info on how to block/unblock here.

Q: Someone used my phone number to create what looks like a POF account, what can I do?

A: There could be one of two things happening here. If you’ve been sent a text that has a verification code for a Plenty of Fish account, it means someone has, hopefully accidentally, used your number to try and sign up for an account. Without the code you were texted, they won’t be able to register with your number.

If, for any reason, you’ve given someone the verification code you were texted, the best next step is to reach out to our support team over email with your phone number and they’ll be able to look into it.

Q: I want to report someone for a message they sent but there’s no option to report by message, what should I do?

A: We’re in the midst of updating the way our reporting form looks, so you’ll see a more specific way to report someone’s messages very soon, but if someone’s sent you something that doesn’t follow our guidelines, we encourage you to report their profile and mention the message so our team can look into it.

Q: If I report someone, will they know it’s me?

A: Absolutely not! All reports are 100% anonymous.

Product-Related Questions

Q: Before POF changed, I was able to see “Who Viewed Me” but now it’s behind a paywall, why can’t I see who Viewed Me anymore?

A: We want to encourage and incentivize our members to form mutual interest before sending that first message, so we’ve made this an upgraded feature. To make up for this change, we’ve worked hard to improve the matches you get through our MeetMe feature and lists like Recommended and Matches.

Q: I’m an upgraded member but I’m not sure where “Viewed Me” is now, has it been moved?

A: It has! We’ve grouped members who have viewed your profile or Liked you under a new tab called “Interested in Me.” Our team made this update as part of a bigger set of changes to try and make the experience on our app as simple and streamlined as possible.

Q: I don’t like opening my app and having MeetMe pop up right away, is there a way to default to go straight to my message inbox instead?

A: Not at the moment. We’ve tried to make it easier to jump into the relevant areas of the app through the navigation icons on the bottom, but you’ll still need to tap the messages icon from there. If you’ve got the app installed on a compatible iOS device though, you can touch and hold the app icon on your home screen to bring up a menu. From there, you can tap “Messages” and it will take you right to your inbox!

Q: Why can’t I unlike someone after I’ve “liked” them?

A: The short answer is that we, unfortunately, don’t have this available as an option. We’re looking at the possibility of adding an unmatch feature that would let you clear a match and any related conversation with another member.

Q: I find that my search results are often different from what I’ve selected, why am I being shown people outside of my age/distance requirements?

A: Our search feature has a minimum amount of results that it looks for before it auto-expands. If that minimum isn’t hit, it will double whatever you’ve entered which is why you might see this happen. We’re working on how to make this a smoother process as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

Live!-Related Questions

Q: I don’t understand what the Live! feature is, can you explain what it’s about?

A: Live! is your very own online community where you can share thoughts, talents, skills, and conversation with like-minded people all through video chat! It’s a space for everyone, single or otherwise, to connect in a bunch of different ways and you can really choose your own adventure.

Q: Can I filter the streams I see in Live!? For example, if I want to see streams from around the world, is that possible?

A: Yep! You can filter the streams you see by gender, country, and language. If you head into the Live! feature, on the “Trending” page you’ll see a big pink “Go Live!” button in the bottom middle of the screen with an icon to the left and an icon to the right. Hit the right icon to filter the streams you’re seeing in your feed.

Q: What is a Top Badge on Live!?

A: A Top Badge is a coveted title we give our top streamers (the most active streamers with the biggest audiences). If you want to learn more about how you can become a top streamer, check out this video.

Q: How long does it take to get a Top Badge on Live?

A: The longer you stream, the higher the reward! We like to celebrate our best streamers who have reached big milestones on the platform like 5M diamonds, 5K favorites, and 500+ viewership on their streams. We’re always looking for content that our livestreaming community finds engaging and entertaining.

Q: Can Top Badges nominate other streamers to get a Top Badge too?

A: Absolutely, we love building up the community as much as possible, but remember, in order to get a Top Badge, you have to have accomplished those milestones we mentioned above.

Q: What is a Live! “battle”? Why do people battle?

A: A battle is where two streamers will face off in the ultimate showdown to see who can generate the most hype. The winner of the battle is dictated by the streamer who gets the most gifts from their own community!

Q: How do I become a VIP on Live!? What’s the difference between VIP and Top Badge?

A: Becoming a VIP isn’t based on your streaming or how many viewers you have, but based on how many Live Credits (LC) you buy. If you buy more than 250K LC in a month, you’ll get the VIP badge.

Q: I’m interested in using Live! for dating, but do people actually form relationships on there?

A: They sure do! We’ve actually had quite a few couples reach out to us letting us know they met using Live! and it was a super cool experience for them – stay tuned for an upcoming blog on one of these awesome couples! If you’re watching someone’s stream and you feel like you might hit it off, put yourself out there and send some comments letting them know! Don’t forget, you can also use our NextDateand Blind Date features on Live! to meet other singles over video.

If you have a product question that didn’t get answered here, feel free to leave us a comment!

Your Top Plenty of Fish Product Questions, Answered By the Experts! - The Blog - (2024)


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