Is Samsung S22 worth buying in 2023? (2024)

Is Samsung S22 worth buying in 2023?

Value for Money

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S22 to the S23 reveals few key differences between them. The S23 offers an upgraded selfie camera (12MP vs 10MP on the S22), as well as a larger battery (3900mAh vs 3700mAh). If you can live without these, then the S22 you can save you a decent chunk of money.

Is S22 still worth it in 2023?

Value for Money

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S22 to the S23 reveals few key differences between them. The S23 offers an upgraded selfie camera (12MP vs 10MP on the S22), as well as a larger battery (3900mAh vs 3700mAh). If you can live without these, then the S22 you can save you a decent chunk of money.

What is better S22 or S23?

With the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 chipset on the S23, you can now unlock higher frame rates and enjoy sharper, more vivid graphics. Along with the boosted 3,900mAh battery, there's a new and improved cooling system in place which is two times larger than that found on the Galaxy S22.

Why Samsung S22 is the best phone?

Galaxy S22: The Model for Small Phone Fans

At $799.99, the Galaxy S22 fits comfortably in one hand. It has all the power (both in terms of the processor and 5G connectivity) of the larger phones. And unlike last year's S21, it has a 3x optical zoom lens (that doesn't rely on digital zooming).

Is S22 Ultra a good choice in 2023?

Yes! S22 ultra users will get four years of Android and five years of security updates. However, you might have heard that nowadays, android updates are buggy and will slow down your android smartphone. Don't think about that; you can always downgrade your phone by flashing stock or custom ROM.

Which Samsung phone is best to buy in 2023?

My pick for the best phone overall goes to Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for its immersive and vibrant display, reliable battery life, and wealth of special features. Read on for all and the rest of the picks on this year's Best of 2023 list.

Should i buy S22 or not?

So, one needs to keep in mind that the battery life of the Galaxy S22 is not that great and one will be required to charge the phone at least twice a day if the usage is moderate. If people can extend their budget, then I would suggest them to buy the Samsung Galaxy S22+ as its price is down to Rs 64,999 on Amazon.

Should I wait for S23 or buy S22?

With the Galaxy S23 series, you can expect a year more of major operating system upgrades and security patches compared to the S22 series, giving you access to the latest Android features for a longer time.

How long will S22 be supported?

Galaxy S22 series

This includes the newly announced Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. This means Samsung will update these phones to Android 16 and keep the security patches coming in until 2027.

What does the S23 have that the S22 doesn t?

The only upgrade here is in maximum brightness really — the Galaxy S22 has 1,500 nits at peak, the Galaxy S23 can push it up to 1,750 nits. Sizes and dimensions stay the same, with both screens having a 6.1-inch diagonal, 19.5:9 aspect ratio.

Why does my Galaxy S22 battery drain so fast?

The One UI 5.1 update automatically switched all Galaxy S22 devices to Maximum Performance Mode, which is another reason for the battery drain, provided you were in a power-saving mode before the update. Phones with other keyboards being set as primary are unlikely to have the issue.

Is Samsung S22 good for long term?

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has held up well in long-term usage. Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 handles even the heaviest tasks without stress, but thermals could have been better. The camera system offers a great photography experience in day-light, low-light, and zoom scenarios.

What is special about the S22?

Get all-day battery in 20 minutes with super-fast charging for S22 Ultra. Your favorite shows, videos and photos will look even more epic on our newest display. Take epic photos of your friends and pets. 3x the optical zoom helps capture amazing details, near or far.

Should you get S22 or S22 Ultra?

All three have a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with a 120Hz refresh rate, but the Galaxy S22 Ultra's higher resolution means it's technically the strongest option here. But really, you're unlikely to notice a difference in crispness in real-life use between the three, so don't let that weigh on your decision too much.

Which is better S22 or Ultra?

If you want the best camera experience, the S22 Ultra is what you should go for. That's not to say the other two models are bad — the 50MP sensor will serve you just fine — but what you'll primarily miss on the non-Ultra models is the 10x optical zoom capability.

What is the difference between ultra and normal S22?

The S22 has a 6.1-inch display, while the S22 Plus has a slightly larger 6.5-inch display. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a larger 6.8-inch display and a more advanced camera setup with a quad rear camera and an S Pen built into the design.

What is best in Samsung Series A or S?

The largest difference between the Samsung A and S series are the cameras and the speed. Samsung Galaxy S series devices are suitable for the most demanding tasks and they can take razor-sharp photos. Do you use your smartphone less intensively, and don't you find photos and fast charging very important?

What is the best Samsung phone for seniors 2023?

Best Samsung Phones for Seniors in 2023
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G From AT&T - Best for Its Oversized Screen.
  • Samsung Galaxy A03s From Consumer Cellular - Best Budget Phone.
  • Jitterbug Smart4 from Lively - Best for Ease of Use and Emergencies.
  • Samsung Galaxy A13 5G From Mint Mobile - Best Phone and Service Bundle.
Oct 24, 2023

Is Samsung S22 battery bad?

The battery drains very quickly since I bought it, I've had the phone since the S22 Ultra came out, I couldn't degrade the battery that much. Optimize this and that: optimized all applications and prevented those that drain a lot of energy. System and OneUi draw a lot, Google Play Services...

Will S22 prices drop after S23?

There's also a chance that we may see some Galaxy S22 discounts after the Galaxy S23 launches. Samsung released the Galaxy S21 FE in 2022 as a slightly cheaper alternative to the Galaxy S22, targeting the audience that would typically opt to save a few bucks by going for the prior year's model.

What is the selling point of the Samsung S22?

Speedy performance, solid battery life, fantastic screen, and excellent speakers. S22 Ultra's unique stylus adds some utility, and its 10X optical zoom is still unmatched in the US.

How many years will Samsung S23 last?

With the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung is promising four major Android version upgrades, as well as five years of regular security updates. That means that the S23 will last through Android 17, which is pretty impressive in itself, and it will get security patches for any vulnerabilities through 2028.

Does Samsung S22 have SD card slot?

5mm. Galaxy S22 series devices do not support external SD card , however Galaxy S22 series will have variant of storage capacity options.

Is there a big difference between S22 and S23 Ultra?

But the S23 Ultra brings with it an upgraded Ultra High-Resolution Rear Camera on the 3-lens rear camera set-up. So, the impressive 108MP sensor on the S22 Ultra is now a 200MP sensor on the S23 Ultra, which is perfect for capturing all your favorite moments, even in low light.

Which Samsung phones get 5 years of updates?

Eligible Galaxy devices with four generations of One UI and five years of security updates1 include: Galaxy S Series: Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra as well as Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, S21 FE and upcoming S series devices. Galaxy Z Series: Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Flip3 and upcoming Z series devices.


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