Does SCRA cover credit cards? (2024)

Does SCRA cover credit cards?

The following accounts are eligible for SCRA protection, provided the debt was incurred before going on Active Duty: Consumer loans (such as auto loans and personal loans) Credit cards. Education loans (both federal and privately funded)

How does SCRA affect credit cards?

The SCRA can help service members who come into the military with high-interest debt. It limits interest rates on debt to 6%, including debt held jointly with a military spouse. The interest rate reduction covers the time when a service member first entered active-duty status to the day they are no longer active.

What is not covered by SCRA?

State National Guard personnel on full-time state duty are not covered by the SCRA, and must look to similar state statutes for protection. Military dependents are covered in certain situations (see Sec. III, Part 4 below). Active duty members are protected as of the date they receive orders.

Does the military Lending Act apply to credit cards?

For example, if a creditor extends credit to a covered borrower through a credit card account and the borrower incurs a finance charge relating to a specific transaction, such as a cash advance transaction, during the billing cycle, then the creditor would calculate the MAPR under the instructions set forth in 12 CFR ...

Does SCRA apply to business credit cards?

The SCRA applies to Consumer, Small Business and Corporate Card products, and closed-end credit loan products. Eligible American Express customers will receive the relief described in the “Relief Provided by SCRA” section below for the duration of the servicemember's active duty service.

Do active duty military pay credit card fees?

Active-duty military members and veterans can always apply for the same selection of rewards and travel credit cards. However, credit card issuers generally only waive fees for eligible active-duty military personnel, and the same applies to SCRA benefits.

What does not qualify for SCRA interest rate relief?

What doesn't SCRA cover? A number of financial transactions are not protected, including: New loans or debt: Contracts entered into during your service are not protected by the SCRA. This act applies specifically to loans taken out prior to active service.

What qualifies for SCRA relief?

It covers such issues as rental agreements, security deposits, prepaid rent, eviction, installment contracts, credit card interest rates, automobile leases, mortgage interest rates, mortgage foreclosure, civil judicial proceedings, and income tax payments.

Does Capital One honor SCRA?

The SCRA provides an interest rate of no more than 6% on all eligible loans and credit products. However, Capital One offers an interest rate of no more than 4% on eligible loans both owned and serviced by Capital One. Also, no fees are assessed except for bona-fide insurance.

Does Chase honor SCRA?

Chase offers a full range of auto financing products for new and used cars, and a car buying service for customers, including military personnel. Eligible military customers can take advantage of benefits under the Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) or other state laws that provide benefits to military customers.

What is the max APR for military?

For loans taken out while on active duty, most types of consumer loans offered to active-duty servicemembers and their dependents have to comply with the Military Lending Act (MLA), which limits loans to a maximum of 36 percent interest.

What loans are covered under SCRA?

If the debt is a mortgage, the reduced rate extends for one year after active military service. The reduced interest rate applies to credit card debts, car loans, business obligations, some student loans and other debts, as well as fees, service charges and renewal fees.

What type of loans are not covered under military Lending Act?

Loans not covered under the MLA include: Residential mortgages, in addition to other secured housing-related financing such as home equity loans or lines of credit, mortgage refinances or reverse mortgages. Car loans that are secured by the car.

Is Amex free for military?

The SCRA explicitly includes annual membership fees in the calculation of interest. To avoid running afoul of either of these laws, American Express generally waives membership fees for eligible service members.

Is the Amex card fee waived for military?

Although these laws have many applications, two of the benefits remain the same: They limit the fees banks charge people in the armed forces for credit. Therefore, The Platinum Card® from American Express has no annual fee for military members. This is true regardless of when the card was opened.

How do I get my Amex fee waived in the military?

2. If you're active-duty military, American Express waives the fee
  1. For cards opened before military service: You can request it online through the credit management section of your account. Select the option for SCRA benefits. ...
  2. For cards opened during military service: There's no action required on your part.
Mar 14, 2024

What is the military clause for credit cards?

When you make a proper request for an interest rate reduction under the SCRA, your lender must reduce your interest rate on pre-service obligations to 6 percent for the entire time you are serving on active duty.

Does SCRA apply to mortgages?

The SCRA can provide you with temporary relief from your mortgage payments. To obtain temporary relief, you must demonstrate the following: You entered into the mortgage agreement before the start of your active duty Service. You owned the property before the start of your active duty Service.

Are Chase cards free for military?

All Chase personal credit cards are offered with no annual fees for active duty military servicemembers and their spouses. The top two choices are the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve cards.

What is the SCRA 6 percent rule?


This SCRA protection requires the creditor to reduce your interest rate to 6% for the period of your military service unless the creditor can prove in court that your ability to pay the higher interest rate is not “materially affected” by your military service.

What all does SCRA cover?

Among other things, the SCRA allows for forbearance and reduced interest on certain obligations incurred prior to military service, and it restricts default judgments against servicemembers and rental evictions of servicemembers and all their dependents.

What products are covered by SCRA?

The SCRA enables servicemembers to devote their time and attention to the defense needs of the Nation by providing protections related to such things as rental agreements, security deposits, prepaid rent, evictions, installment contracts, credit card interest rates, automobile repossessions, mortgage interest rates, ...

Does my wife qualify for SCRA?

The SCRA may offer protection or relief to members of the military, their spouses, partners, and dependents. Servicemembers eligible for SCRA benefits have certain rights and protections with regard to their financial obligations.

How long do SCRA benefits last?

Benefits start on the date active duty orders are received, and SCRA protection generally terminates one year after the date of discharge of active duty; in limited situations, a servicemember's dependents may also be eligible.

Do student loans qualify for SCRA?

Under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), servicemembers can reduce their interest rate to 6 percent on all pre-service obligations, including student loans, while they are on active duty.


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