Does SCRA protect personal loans? (2024)

Does SCRA protect personal loans?

Repossession protection: If you obtained a personal property secured loan, (e.g. a car loan), before you began military service, the item cannot be repossessed without a court order. You must have paid a deposit or one installment payment prior to military service.

Does SCRA cover personal loans?

This law applies to any type of loan the servicemember has entered into before going on active duty. This includes mortgages, car loans, business loans, personal loans and student loans.

What is not protected by SCRA?

Life insurance companies cannot terminate coverage or require payment of additional premiums if you are in military service. Increases in premiums based on age in individual term insurance is not covered by SCRA.

How to apply SCRA to a loan?

To receive this benefit you must notify your lender in writing and include a copy of your orders to active duty service or a letter from your commanding officer that shows the date you began active duty service.

Which persons are not eligible for benefits under the SCRA?

Persons Not Entitled to Benefits

Reservists or National Guard personnel not in an active-duty status are not covered under the SCRA. Also, the statute does not protect retired personnel.

What loans are eligible for SCRA?

If the debt is a mortgage, the reduced rate extends for one year after active military service. The reduced interest rate applies to credit card debts, car loans, business obligations, some student loans and other debts, as well as fees, service charges and renewal fees.

What type of loans are not covered under the military Lending Act?

The MLA doesn't apply to all credit, though. Mortgages, home equity loans, lines of credit and certain secured loans, including secured auto loans, are not covered under the MLA. The MLA differs from the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

Does SCRA apply to loans during active duty?

For a loan account to qualify for SCRA benefits and protections, including interest rate reduction and foreclosure protections, you must have opened the account before going on active duty. Loan accounts opened during the term of your military service are not eligible for SCRA benefits or protections.

What all does SCRA cover?

Among other things, the SCRA allows for forbearance and reduced interest on certain obligations incurred prior to military service, and it restricts default judgments against servicemembers and rental evictions of servicemembers and all their dependents.

What is the difference between military Lending Act and SCRA?

The MLA provides protections to servicemembers and their dependents for credit extended while the servicemember is serving on active duty. In contrast, the SCRA protects servicemembers and their dependents with obligations incurred prior to entry into active duty.

What is the interest rate for SCRA loans?

Under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), the maximum interest rate that may be charged on an eligible Direct Loan or FFEL Program loan is 6% during the period of the servicemember's qualifying military service.

Does SCRA apply to debt consolidation loans?

However, this 6 percent cap is only automatic on federal student loans. For all other debts, including credit cards and debt consolidation loans, you must request that your rates are reduced and may need to provide an SCRA certificate as proof of your deployment. Also keep in mind that 6 percent is the maximum.

Does Capital One honor SCRA?

The SCRA provides an interest rate of no more than 6% on all eligible loans and credit products. However, Capital One offers an interest rate of no more than 4% on eligible loans both owned and serviced by Capital One. Also, no fees are assessed except for bona-fide insurance.

Does SCRA apply to business loans?

When a service member provides a written request and a copy of the military orders to a lender, the lender should apply the 6 percent rate reduction to all loans with the lender made before the service member entered active duty. Loans for commercial purposes are not excluded from SCRA protections.

Can a bank foreclose on active duty military?

Protection from foreclosure

If you took out a mortgage loan before entering the military, the SCRA requires your lender to get a court order to foreclose on the home while you are serving in the military and for one year after you complete your service.

When must a creditor comply with SCRA?

Section 527 of the SCRA requires that for debts entered into by service members or service members and spouses jointly before the service member enters military service, the interest rate cannot exceed 6 percent during the period of military service and one year thereafter for mortgages or 6 percent during the period ...

Can you use SCRA for car loans?

The SCRA gives active-duty servicemembers certain legal and financial protections relating to installment contracts, like an auto loan or lease.

Does SCRA pay back interest?

Servicemembers Get Money Back

Additionally, the SCRA requires that any request for a lower interest rate be followed by some form of refund. So all the extra money that the servicemember paid as his or her interest rate that grew over the years? It must be given back upon the request for a backdated interest rate.

Can you use SCRA on credit cards?

The following accounts are eligible for SCRA protection, provided the debt was incurred before going on Active Duty: Consumer loans (such as auto loans and personal loans) Credit cards. Education loans (both federal and privately funded)

What is the military Lending Act for dummies?

Answer: The MLA applies to active duty servicemembers (including those on active Guard or active Reserve duty), spouses, and certain dependents. It limits the interest rates that may be charged on many types of consumer loans to no more than 36% and provides other important protections.

What is the max APR for military?

For loans taken out while on active duty, most types of consumer loans offered to active-duty servicemembers and their dependents have to comply with the Military Lending Act (MLA), which limits loans to a maximum of 36 percent interest.

How does the SCRA work?

Delay of Court and Administrative Proceedings: The SCRA permits active duty soldiers who are unable to appear in a court or administrative proceeding due to their military duties to postpone the proceeding for a mandatory minimum of ninety days upon the soldier's request.

What is the SCRA 6 percent rule?


This SCRA protection requires the creditor to reduce your interest rate to 6% for the period of your military service unless the creditor can prove in court that your ability to pay the higher interest rate is not “materially affected” by your military service.

Do spouses get SCRA benefits?

The SCRA may offer protection or relief to members of the military, their spouses, partners, and dependents. Servicemembers eligible for SCRA benefits have certain rights and protections with regard to their financial obligations.

How long do SCRA benefits last?

Benefits start on the date active duty orders are received, and SCRA protection generally terminates one year after the date of discharge of active duty; in limited situations, a servicemember's dependents may also be eligible.


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